Ngāi Te Rangi

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Te Rautaki ā Iwi | Our Strategic Plan

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He toroa whakakopa au nā runga o Kārewa, he pōtiki manawa ū nā Ngāi Te Rangi

I am a soaring albatross high above Karewa, a stout-hearted child that belongs to Ngāi Te Rangi

Ngā Uara | Our Values

Kia Ū Te Manawa Rere: Innovation, intelligence, determination, courage.

Rauru Kī Tahi: Intergrity, honesty, credibility, accountability

Tirohanga Whakamua | Our Vision

Ngāi Te Rangi is a unified, sustainable, thriving, innovative and culturally successful iwi within and beyond Tauranga Moana, positioned and resourced to determine its own destiny.

Ngā Whāinga | Our Goals

  1. Cultural competence and confidence for all uri.
  2. Heightened awareness & involvement in a  pristine environment
  3. Excellent quality of life for all uri
  4. Uri are well resourced to realise their  economic well being.
  5. Leadership is accountable, visible, connected and responsive.

1. Cultural Competence & Confidence for all uri

Enable all uri to strengthen their understading of Ngāiterangitanga.

Provide intergenerational cultural learning spaces.

2. Heightened awareness and involvment in nuturing a prestine environment

Ensure Ngāi Te Rangi have kaitiakitanga over all natural resources throughout its rohe.

Enable whānau in collective development around food sovereignty.

3. Quality of life for all uri

Job creation and meaningful employment for uri within the rohe.

Provide the best opportunity possible to achieving quality educational outcomes as whanau and uri of Ngai Te Rangi and global citizen.

Ensure uri have a safe and nuturing life exeperience - free from harm, particularly to the self, our children and whaine.

4. Uri are well resourced to realise their economic well being

Develop and implement robust process for investment.

Provide whānau with skills and competency in financial literacy.

Facilitate Ngāi Te Rangi home ownership and healthy homes programme.

5. Leadership is accountable, visible, connected & responsive

Build capacity and capability of whānau, hapū and iwi leadership.

Develop and maintain effective communication channels, to be inclusive or all uri.

Strengthen Strategic alliances and relationships internally, and with other iwi and indigenous groups.